How to Order The Right Size Belt

by | Nov 28, 2017

Clothing manufacturers must want to flatter us because their PANT WAIST SIZES are INACCURATE most of the time, so DON’T USE THEM.

The Very Best Way to Measure

The very best way to measure your waist using a Cloth Measuring Tape and place it OVER your pant loops. It is best to take the measurement over the heaviest pants you plan to wear with your belt. With a stock buckle, the belt will most likely fit in the middle hole. There are 5 holes spaced 1″ apart.

Note that Custom Buckles increase the total length by about 1″ depending on the style of the buckle.

Next Best Way to Measure

Sometimes the belt you are ordering is a gift, or you simply don’t have a cloth tape measure. In that case, take a measurement from the tip of the buckle to the hole you use. It’s usually fairly easy to tell which hole is used most, but make sure it is the most recent one you are using. Just remember, you could have lost weight, or maybe even gained a little. Ouch! Sorry. See the illustration below.

Bad Way to Measure

If you must use the pant waist size, we recommend ordering one size larger than the pant waist size. For example, if your pant waist size is 34 … order a 36.

Very Worst Way to Measure

Guessing your waist size. Just DON’T DO IT. Rather than ordering a belt that won’t fit, wait until you have an accurate waist measurement.

Waist Measurement - How to Order The Right Size Belt

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